Want to OVERPOWER your Obstacles?

Clone the Mindset of

Winston Churchill

Four-Part Achievement “Operating System,” Modeled From The Life, Challenges & Successes of Winston Churchill

Want to OVERPOWER your Obstacles?

Clone the Mindset of

Winston Churchill

Four-Part Achievement “Operating System,” Modeled From The Life, Challenges & Successes of Winston Churchill

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How to “Program Yourself” to Never Lose, Navigate Resistance Brilliantly, and Dominate Your Enemies…

From the makeshift Starbucks “desk” of Taylor Welch 
San Clemente, CA

From the makeshift Starbucks “desk” of Taylor Welch 
- San Clemente, CA -

Dear friend, 

As you know by now, we’re either headed into a recession or we are already in one. A bloody rough one. 

And I’m sorry to inform you, it’s about to get a lot worse. I don’t say this to scare you but to prepare you. The ones who know what’s coming will hold significant advantages over the ones who don’t. 

Today, I want to summarize for you in the clearest way possible, how you can protect yourself by installing for yourself one of the most agile and “durable” mindsets in history.
T. Harv Eker said it brilliantly: “Every rich behavior follows rich THOUGHT.”

Thinking comes first - actions come later. 

If you can think correctly you will see correctly and when you do, opportunity will unlock for you. 

Picture this —
It’s 1941, and the greatest superpower in the world is France. At the time, they are the USA. Greatest military, highest defense budget… 

Remember, in WW1 the French military stood and fought, almost single-handedly against the Germans. By themselves. For 3 YEARS. 

They are the undisputed heavyweights. The world knows they will stop Hitler from Advancing. Churchill trusts French leadership. 

The nazis beat them in 2 weeks. France falls.

And Churchill faces his first “serious” dilemma of WW2. To aid France requires him to expose England for invasion. To not aid France requires letting his lost significant ally surrender to the Germans while he watches. 

Tens of thousands die in the second scenario. Potentially hundreds of thousands die in the first. 

When I study Churchill, I find myself confused that I was stressed out about ad campaigns or sales targets. These things don’t seem like such big hurdles in light of Churchill’s heroism. Maybe you can relate. 

Ultimately, Churchill threads the needle, shaving off the best of both scenarios in a brave but simple, easily-modeled framework. 

I will teach you his framework in this product, and it applies to your business now more than ever before. Just this one tool may even save your business from what’s sure to be the most severe downturn we’ve seen in many years.

You keep saying it’s about to get worse… 

Let’s hit the signals quickly. This isn’t doomsday prepper, this is math. 

In year-over-year terms, new home sales are down 30%. New supply of homes just exploded (that’s bad, by the way) to 10.9 months (from less than 3 months just 12 months ago.

Fig 1: New home sales declining.

Fig 2: New home inventory accelerating.

All signs right now point to
very difficult times ahead.

All signs right now point to very difficult times ahead.

There will be pain, and the ones who are prepared to see through it are the ones who will win through it. 

I’m not here to give you investment advice. Nor am I saying this product will guarantee any sort of financial gains through this next recession. What I am saying, is this: there is a way to program your mind to SEE THROUGH the fear and confusion…

If you can go ahead and begin this programming process now, you will be calm when everyone else is not. You will see opportunity when everyone else sees chaos. And you will make decisions that are in alignment with your BEST future. 

People don’t lose when they’re down. They lose when they get afraid. It’s time to saddle up right now with the oldest and most dependence competitive advantage of all time: your mind.
Over the course of Churchill’s life he survived one house fire, two plane crashes, three car crashes, four bouts of pneumonia during World War II, five wars as a soldier ... and a prison break in South Africa.


  One House Fire


  Two Plane Crashes


  Three Car Crashes


  Four Bouts w/ Pneumonia

(During World War II Alone)


  Five Wars

(As a Soldier)

Oh yeah... AND a prison break in South Africa.

Despite all of this, he not only “survived,” he became on of the most famous leaders in all of history. Now you may not desire fame (I don’t). You may not desire books to be written about your services to humanity. 

But if you’re anything like me, you have big dreams and aspirations to help people and do well for your family. If you don’t, stop reading. The average life is fine for some people, but not for you.

This "drive" to do well and to be successful connects and unites us.

It also puts us face to face with resistance on a daily basis. Achievement isn’t easy. It is hard. Sometimes very hard.
Just “surviving” can take a toll. WINNING despite setbacks, obstacles and problems — that can require everything. But it doesn’t have to. Luckily for you, there are four MAJOR lessons we can take from the life of Winston Churchill, whose life was no doubt HARDER than yours is — and in these lessons we can quite literally program ourselves for success, advancement, achievement, and mastery.

Here are the four lessons:

If you can master these four mental recipes, they will “weaponize” your mind and spirit and nothing will ever fully stop you again. Nothing will even slow you down again. 

What you will find in this letter (and in this new course), are the exact methods Churchill used, and now thousands of my clients use, to develop these mental habits. Further down this page, you’ll see a private video recording for you, breaking down how the habits work and why they’re easy to install.


Learn How to Bounce Back After a Failure

Churchill was notoriously headstrong. In fact, most the leaders and free thinkers we look up to were similarly stubborn. Being “stubborn” is not a weakness, it is a feature if positioned correctly. 

You must learn to eliminate the downsides of having an iron will or else your stubbornness will ruin you. Churchill was able to keep the positive parts and throw out the sunk cost bias that typically goes with strong personalities.
I want you to think about this:
  • What do you do when you try something and fail?
  • How do you respond after being embarrassed by something that didn’t go your way?
  • What steps do you put in place, before failure, so that bouncing back is easier if you need to bounce back?
  • ​When’s the last time you felt like giving up?
Great leaders have SYSTEMS for all of these things. And the bigger your mission, the bigger you want to play, the larger your failures are going to be. You better learn how to process & organize them now rather than later… 

The ability to BOUNCE BACK after being destroyed, embarrassed, or crushed by a setback — is one of the greatest skills you can EVER acquire. I want to install this skill for you in the course.


Create Calm CERTAINTY In the Midst of Chaos

A year ago I was going through something very difficult for me in one of my businesses. I remember sitting at a cigar bar, reading a giant book to get my mind off the problems. 

The book was about Churchill, and I got lost in it. Did you know, Churchill tried to warn the world like 11 times about Hitler?
Nobody listened. They called him a “warmonger.” He was ousted from government, twice. Once after he saved the whole world. 

The decisions he had to make boggle the mind. AND, the frequency with which he had to make them — even crazier. You know what I’m talking about. There’s the “level” of decision, and then there’s the “volume” of decisions. Sometimes you have a big decision and the consequences will be large and far reaching. Other times, you have a small decision but it’s urgent. Then you have another one. And before you know it — you can’t decide ANYTHING. You don’t know where to eat, what time to go to sleep, or what to wear. This is called “decision fatigue.” 

But what if your decisions are equally large and dangerous, and frequent in volume? This is Churchill’s reality.
  • “Do we attack?”
  • “How do we get America engaged?”
  • “Can we save that ship with 200 soldiers on it?”
  • ​“If so, how?”
  • ​“Do we save France or save England?”
  • ​“How do we conserve energy for winter?”
  • ​“Where do we get funding for the weapons?”
  • ​“This politician is backstabbing me, how do I fight that and the war?”
I mean, OVER and over and over and over again. 

While I was reading, in a little cigar bar here in my home town of Franklin, TN — I realized something: my problems were not actually that bad. And my decisions were not that urgent or existential. 

Since then I’ve read a few books on Churchill and one of the superpowers this man posses is the ability to create absolute CERTAINTY in the middle of absolute chaos. If you want more stability, more precision, more clarity, LESS DOUBT, I want to duplicate Churchill’s system for all of these things and you can clone them.

… Speaking of “Certainty”

There’s actually a special bonus we are including for you with this brand new flagship product.

My wife Lindsey and I - she's the one with the long hair.
In 2018, my wife and I went on a date night and she told me some uncomfortable news. 

“I don’t ever see you.” 

It came up because we were talking about having a baby, but she was worried that she’d have to raise the child by herself. That was a bit of a wake up call. After we talked, I told her I would fix it…
But I had to figure out how to keep everything “spinning” while making more time (and more presence) to be where I needed to be.

I had a lot of staff depending on me, clients depending on me, and a family at home that also needed me. Every good invention is created from pressure… a need that is not yet met, but needs to be. What I created became called “The Productivity Pack,” a comprehensive tool kit to get more done and create positive momentum in your life. 

Tens of thousands of people have used it over the years. BUT in 2021, I started re-engineering it. I didn’t like how “high maintenance” the Productivity Pack was to use. It was a machine, but it required a lot of “manual” effort… two hours or so each weekend, and three hours per month to keep pointed in the right direction.
Once again, I invented. But this time I had to go way deeper. Nobody needs a new “productivity” system. What people need (and what I needed), is a new PROGRAM. New philosophy, new beliefs (specifically about time and margin), new habits, and supplementally, a new toolkit for getting the right things done on time.

My new protocol: “PEAK Productivity,” enables you to be at your PEAK levels 24/7. It starts by unwinding old habits that have kept your redlining & stressed out. Then it replaces them with a new operating system — one that views time as a blessing and a resource to be used well (not “protected” and guarded — but productively invested into things that matter).
Anyways, this new framework, PEAK Productivity, is being recorded now (it’s a full suite of training; 6 modules, templates, and a discounted members-only rate to the technology I use to implement the protocol). It’s yours, for free, as part of the Churchill product. 


Because I want to guarantee you become not only MORE RESILIENT, but more dangerous and more effective as soon as you go through this course. There’s nothing on the market right now like this product. I want to over deliver and ensure you get a life-altering experience. 



Use Habits to MULTIPLY Your Energy

I was sitting in the cafe of Life Time fitness here in San Clemente, CA. A random guy I've never seen walked up to me and said, “Tell me why time isn’t the greatest resource?” He’d heard me say it in a YouTube video and wanted to hear my thoughts on it. 

I said — “Easy — what is time, without the energy to savor it?” 

He thought about it. Thought some more… smiled and said, “I guess you’re right. It’s energy.”
Energy is the “one ring to rule them all.” It is the kingpin of productivity and longevity. All money follows energy. All innovation follows energy. If you run out of energy, you’re dead. 

They say Churchill worked ~110 hours per week for almost his entire life. That’s 15 hours a day, seven days a week. One time a reporter stopped him in the street and asked him his secret to accomplishing so much. 

Churchill paused for a brief moment, and replied: “Conservation of energy.”
When you study his life, you see several patterns emerge. One such pattern you can’t help but notice is his habit and routine of “macro rest.”

He worked hard in the micro. But it was not abnormal to see him participating in dinners, hobbies, and outings to recharge his energy. In fact, the people closest to Churchill go on and on about how wonderful of a friend he was. 

We think of Churchill as this busy body “war time” general (and that he was). But it’s easy to overlook the fact that he was a good friend. A good partner. He made time (somehow) for the areas that mattered most. 
One of the biggest lessons I took from him is ENERGY. And not just the conservation of energy; that was a misstep for Churchill — he didn’t just conserve it, he CREATED it. In this module we go through energy patterns and talk about how to fuel your mind with vision, discipline & routines. 

You will finish this module knowing how to rig your life for long term energy production & multiplication. Sometimes we focus too hard on the little things, at the expense of the big things. ENERGY is the “one ring to rule them all.”


Convert Criticism Into Fuel

The only way to guarantee nobody hates you is to do nothing. 

If you can’t handle criticism, stay out of the spotlight. Make sure you never achieve anything and you never try anything. Work with your head down, eyes to the ground, and pass on nothing to the next generation.

If you decide that’s NOT who you want to be, prepare for the pushback.

The haters...

The naysayers...

The losers...

The folks who will crawl around attacking you for daring to do better. If there’s one thing Churchill was used to it was CRITICISM. 

He was born into “royalty,” and so part of the ways he dealt with criticism are not accessible to people like me and you. But 95% is bullseye applicable (and easy to model, copy & install, too). In this module I share some of the ways I personally deal with setbacks, criticism, and naysayers. 

By the time you get to model 4, the “rewiring” has already begun. You will begin to notice increased drive. Improved positivity. And a level of stamina and energy you haven’t felt for some time. Like I said at the very beginning of this letter, I am not guaranteeing you “money.” 

I am guaranteeing you all the things that come before that: boldness, confidence, energy, clarity & certainty, DRIVE, resilience; and a powerful operating system that will cut through obstacles like a warm knife to butter. 

All you have to do is go through it, and implement it.

If I’ve Still Got Your Attention — 
Let’s Talk Next Steps

You’re still reading, so you’re likely very serious about this. I’m known for being ruthlessly honest even when it hurts — so here we go:

This product will not fix "everything" in your life that you do not like. Sorry. It is not a magic pill.

If you are the #1 culprit for the problems in your life, I can’t remove you from the equation. If I could do that —life would get a lot easier. But it doesn't work that way. So I have to “reprogram” YOU. 

This requires partnership, and joint effort.
Now this particular series, will give you tremendous LEVERAGE. Most people are willing to make the changes — but they don’t know what changes to make. If you fall into that category, you’ll benefit tremendously from this course. 

Others, however, are just stupid. They hate their lives but always figure out ways to blame everything on everybody else. It’s like they can’t read. They fumble through life repeating the same bad habits and bad behaviors. Always justifying and never taking responsibility.

This product won't fix stupid...

Seriously — if you can’t take responsibility for anything, I need you to quietly, and slowly, put your hands up and walk away from the device you’re reading this on. Just go ahead and put the device down. Slowly… and walk away.

Okay - if you're still here...

That means you know how to read and therefore you can process what I’m telling you: you need to go THROUGH the product for this thing to work. It’s roughly 4 hours of main curriculum — and then ~30 minutes a week to ensure you’re poised & targeted… 

That’s a LOW price to pay (in my opinion) for being unstoppable. But you need to know the cost before you jump in. 

If you continue, go through this product, implement it, use the templates and install the rituals as designed, you will become a “2.0 version” of yourself in about 6 weeks. This could lead directly to more money, more time, less anxiety, more clarity, better opportunities — but ultimately what I want to do is recession-proof you for what is coming. These methods worked for Churchill who faced down the entire world almost by himself. If they worked for him, they’ll work for you as you navigate the next 18 months.

How the Material is Organized 

When you jump in today, you get immediate access to:

  • A private, customer-only “Notion” dashboard, which means all trainings, audio, templates, routines & meditations are easily accessible for repeat use
  • Four modules of video content so you can learn, model, and install the four key ingredients of Churchill’s mindset & mental programming
  • Two audio bonuses that will act as a “turn on” sequence in the morning and a “turn off” sequence in the evening… a key ingredient to multiplying your energy is how you “rev up” and “wind down,” I’ve handled that for you — all you need to do is listen
  • ​A special bonus "tell-all" interview that I recently did with my good friends Keith Yackey and Garrett J White - where I reveal why I walked away from my previous businesses (and there's even a special convo with my wife, Lindsey, where you get to hear her thoughts on all of it)!

We don't throw bonuses around just for the fun of it.

Everything we include in packages like this is designed to improve the OUTCOME you will enjoy as a byproduct of the product. If we’re going to clone Churchill’s mindset, and prepare you to do battle & take ground during the coming economic cycle — I might as well fix your productivity & schedule as well.

That way you become happier as you get richer.

As you’ll read further down this page, you’re protected by a 100% zero-excuses REFUND policy. If you don’t enjoy the material, if you don’t use the material, if you are a jerk and just want a refund because- we will process a refund. I’m not trying to get rich by keeping your money against your will (doesn’t work that’s way). 

That means you have absolutely nothing to lose. Even if you aren’t sure, even if you haven’t Google’d me 1,800 times… even if you can’t make up your mind about whether you want to be successful or not — you have no excuses.
This is a major opportunity. The Churchill frameworks could put millions of dollars into your orbit but let’s say that it doesn’t. If it makes you a better mom… a better dad… a butter partner, friend, ally or leader — what’s that worth?

Well, good news…

My “Mindset of Winston Churchill” program, the support curriculum and audio meditations is all included for one severely discounted price of



No catch. 

No “continuity program” hidden fees in the fine print, or anything like that. And no obligation to buy anything else from us, ever. Although you might want to after you see how good the material is. 

My goal with this product is to create a relationship. Once you sit down to consume this material and go through the homework, you’ll experience our level of quality and the next time you need something, you’ll know who to talk to. 

This product is very different than what we usually publish — it’s not “tactical,” it’s a level of cognitive reprogramming that is VERY hard to do. It’s strategic, energetic, and high level. If I can get ahold of a person’s mindset, I can usually set them up to win at whatever they do even if they’re making “tactical” errors. 

Regardless, you are covered no matter what. You aren’t risking a penny.

Backed By the Best 
Guarantee Money Can Buy

It’s important to make sure you know, everything you see in my offer today is 100% backed for the next 60 days. 

That means, I personally pledge you will never find a more sound, proven, VALUABLE “client-getting” solution anywhere else, ever – other than perhaps my higher level client programs. 

If you decide I’m wrong about that, you can call or email us any time (contact information below) in the next 60 days. Even if it’s Sunday morning while I’m at church, I will get you your money back immediately. No questions asked. 

Obviously, you won’t need to return a thing – not the course, or the bonuses, the audio meditations. You keep it all, my compliments for trusting me with your time.

Still Not Convinced? Call One of My Advisors Now at (615) 395-3087

They are standing by to help you start this journey…
Within minutes of filling out the secure order form on the next page, your bonuses & templates will be waiting for you in your email inbox. 


In case you’re one of those people who skips to the bottom as soon as you open a page (ugh), here’s what you’re getting today:

  • A private, customer-only “Notion” dashboard, which means every all trainings, audio, templates, routines & meditations are easily accessible for repeat use
  • Four modules of video content so you can learn, model, and install the four key ingredients of Churchill’s mindset & mental programming
  • Two audio bonuses that will act as a “turn on” sequence in the morning and a “turn off” sequence in the evening… a key ingredient to multiplying your energy is how you “rev up” and “wind down,” I’ve handled that for you — all you need to do is listen
If you aren’t serious about your life and your career, this is not for you. 

If you are uncommitted to growth, this is not for you. 

If you’re a scam artist or you do not genuinely care about helping the world as a moral rule of creating wealth, this is not for you. 

If, on the other hand, you are a motivated leader or a producer who wants to capitalize on the fear & pain coming in the world, without taking advantage of others, purchase this first-of-its-kind product right away… before we hit our maximum and discontinue it. 

Everything you see in my offer is yours to keep no matter what.

Taylor Welch 
Founder, The Wealthy Consultant
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